Infographic – The Best 18 Air Filtering Houseplants

Improve Your Air Quality With Air Filtering Houseplants

With Sensly, our smart indoor pollution sensor, one of its limitations is not being able to improve air quality by itself. It can only give readouts of gas levels. While making you aware of pollution levels is great, we want to offer some practical tips on how you can improve your home air quality with air filtering houseplants.

We stumbled across this fantastic infographic that shows the 18 best air filtering houseplants.

The data behind why these houseplants are so beneficial are from a Study by NASA and the Associated Contractors of America. They wanted to discover which indoor plants are efficient at purifying the air. More information on the study can be found here.

In the study, it was discovered that some indoor plants were extremely useful in removing benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde from the air. This consequently helps to reduce the effects of sick building syndrome that you can read more about here.

This could be an easy, low-cost solution for improving your air quality within your home or workplace. If you do decide to add these plants to your home, we’d love to hear if you notice any differences in your health.

NASA Guide to Air Filtering Houseplants To Improve Indoor Air Quality

A big thanks to Love The Garden for the awesome infographic.