PiAnywhere coming soon

With the amount of interest in the Sensly air quality HAT for the raspberry pi there was an amount of demand for its use in remote applications. Which gave way to a side project by our electronics team with the intent of providing all the functionality required for “Internet of Sensors” in a single Raspberry Pi HAT. The end result was PiAnywhere which comes in three flavors 4G, 3G and GSM.

Of course now we have shiny new hardware the process of improving usability now begins. Currently we have integrated a python API with makes it possible to communicated with the internet and access other functionality such as GPS, Bluetooth and battery management. Our goal is to extent the software to Linux drivers that allow the Raspberry Pi to use PiAnywhere as a mobile hot spot and shutdown functionality.

Here we are testing the early SPI driver between Linux and the PiAnywhere 3G edition. All data is communicated over the SPI bus which allows for very high data rates between our hardware and the Raspberry Pi.

PiAnywhere GSM

The exception is the GSM edition of the PiAnywhere which is designed to be low cost and suitable for most IOT applications. All of the communication with the GSM edition takes place though I2C and has a configurable address. This allows access maximum access to all of the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi. The GSM edition also includes Bluetooth communications which is not featured in the other PiAnywhere models.

We have colour coded the PCBs to make identification easy GSM (red), 3G (white), 4G (Black).

PiAnywhere - A picture of three boards. GSM, 3G and 4G

We are hoping the PiAnywhere HATs will prove an interesting platform for remote projects with the Raspberry Pi.