BME280 – Temperature, pressure and humidity sensor


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BME280 – Temperature, pressure and humidity

Expected delivery date: 1st of November 2016

This is a breakout board for Bosch BMP280 high-precision, low-power combined humidity, pressure, and temperature sensor.  It can also measure the approximate altitude of a place. It can be connected to a microcontroller like Arduino & Raspberry Pi and programmed through I2C.

Our team is also a big fan of the Raspberry Pi mini computer. We’re really keen to help the Raspberry Pi community develop their own projects and start working on experiments whilst learning.  

Instructions, data sheet and code are linked below. A great project by Dcube Tech Ventures:

How To Use BME280 temperature, pressure and humidity

Imagine using the BME280 temperature, pressure and humidity to:

  • Build your own weatherproof case and monitor temperature, pressure and humidity in remote locations.
  • Monitor the air quality around your home with a combination of our Sensly hat.
  • Use it for school experiments.

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Dimensions 8 x 8 x 1 cm


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